Стейнке Германн Август | Steinke Hermann August (19.09.1873)

IDE: 942


Married & Children


|------Стейнке Германн


Стейнке Германн Август


|------Гешефске Вильгельмина

Пол: М

Родился: Познань, 19.09.1873

Шиндель Регина (12.02.1879 - )

   - Стейнке Адела

   - Стейнке Валдина Эмма

   - Стейнке Герман

   - Стейнке Мелинда Марта (27.07.1913 - )

   - Стейнке Ольга

   - Стейнке Ричард (07.02.1920 - )

   - Стейнке Роберт

   - Стейнке Флорентина (29.01.1899 - 1950)

   - Стейнке Эвалина

   - Стейнке Элизабет




Left the Port of Trieste,Austo-Hungarian Empire on the ship Arrived at the Port of New York on July 14,1911 Worked for several years and sent for his wife and 4 daughters-Florentina,Olga,Elisabeth and Adela Aunt Linda said he was born August 19 hence the name Hermann August but his birth certificate says September 19. Possibly this is due to the fact that he was born in a country(Russia) that was still (at the time) using the Julian Calendar which lags the West's Gregorian Calendar by a month.

14 Jul 1911, Immigrated At Port Of N.Y.

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