Каус Эмиль | Kaus Emil (29.01.1891)

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Married & Children


|------Каус Вильгельм


Каус Эмиль



Пол: М

Родился: Malinowka, Russia, 29.01.1891

Стейнке Флорентина (29.01.1899 - 1950)

   - Каус Вальдина Эмма (06.08.1921 - 13.05.2000)

   - Каус Герман Вильгельм (06.12.1919 - 18.12.1973)

   - Каус Элизабет Анита (25.01.1927 - 1992)




After serving 4 years of an apprenticeship,fearing the draft,he and his friend

took off by horse carriage at night and over time to the German frontier.

Emmigrated from Bremen,Germany July,1912 with Emil Kubsch (b.1885 approx)

(Mr. Kubsch had been drafted in the Russian Army and was stationed in Minsk)

In my 1989 trip to Poland ,I found several references to Kaus at the

provincial offices in Lublin(50 miles east of Malinowka)

In Russian Kaus=Kaycb

There was a farmer and his wife in Bogdanka

Michael Kaus b. 1867

Rosalia Loecher b.1870

also in Trojna

Goettlieb Kaus b. 1866

Ernestine Lintner b.1870

They had a daughter , Julia b.December 24,1892


Emilia Kaus April 24,1890 No.256

Emil was born 9 months later (sister?)

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